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Your friend's very clever, isn't he?


I heard a noise in the bedroom.


I want you to stand up.

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We need to help Gregg as much as we can.

I'll try to be as brief as possible.

The hotel was evacuated.


The intensity, frequency, and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes, as well as the frequency of the strongest (Category 4 and 5) hurricanes, have all increased since the early 1980s.

They just announced their engagement.

I just don't want to overdo it.

How do you feel about him now?

Hillel and Heidi were among the new arrivals.

Her mother's death unburdened her.

Malaclypse told me you were planning on dropping out of school.

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How could Lars have known about that?

She waited on her husband all day long.

Don't forget to water the plants.

I don't want this to happen again.

Jane Cobb, his present secretary, is the only person in the office who can stand him.

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I've been hanging out with them.

We lay on the grass.

It would be nice to get married.

I like to dance.

The extremists refused to negotiate.


I want him to do it alone.

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That's a sad story, but I have the feeling that it now is heading toward a happy ending.

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This is what I was telling you would happen.

A lot of sugar cane is grown in Cuba.

Hy knows where Jussi is.


King introduced me to her roommate.

Does Joanne know that you love him?

I recognized my former music professor at the party.


The first thing you have to take into consideration is time.

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I'll take a nap after lunch.


The rest is left to you!


It was really horrible.


A small car is more economical than a large one.

"How did you like your breakfast, my liege?" "Oh, it had a wonderful dinner-like quality. I'm glad to have such a dedicated cook as you are." "I am ever happy to serve you my best, my King."

You tell a secret to your wife, she tells it to her sister, and so the secret will march on forever.

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

Accuracy is important in arithmetic.


Our teacher used to say "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" before laying into us with a cane.


Johnny didn't attend the meeting.

The mountains are beautiful.

I saw some monkeys climbing the tree.

The fuck is whatever you think it is.

Mitchell loves coffee.

How much is the handling charge?

Larry barely touched her food.


You're in shock.

The concert ticket costs more than the cinema ticket.

People could have avoided many mistakes by simple experiments.

I have a dog. He is black and his name is Tiki.

He's gotten so powerful in this town that he's become a law unto himself.

He died in the traffic accident.

I think that she's an honest woman.

I will come.

She works for a large corporation.

He is earnest for success.

Germany is Europe's largest and most prosperous economy.


The more you have, the more you have to lose.

I've been working here for three years.

Excuse me, are you Nicolette, by any chance?

I didn't have to try very hard.

We haven't finished doing that.


Plan for the future because that's where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Spock loves everything you do.

Mr. Wang learnt German because he wanted to go to Germany.

Her skill in dancing is well known.

Do you have change for this bill?


The magic lamp broke open and the genie was released.

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Are both English versions equally acceptable?

As soon as Brooke opened the bag, he knew that it wasn't his.

Your father went through all that trouble for your sake.

Let's try to make Jennifer laugh.

I resigned from the army immediately after I got busted.

Whose image is on this stamp?

That man is on trial for the murder of a little girl.

I live next to a dam.

I prefer staying to going.


I know you worry about him.

I can't wait to see him.

He had already edited it by the time it came across my desk.

Clyde and Floria went for a walk even though it was raining.

Where's Clifford hiding?


You're not very busy, are you?


I couldn't tell what was real.

Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.

Can you turn off the light?


They are still looking for the criminal.

The man pleaded self-defence.

She is ignorant of the world.

Do you want massage?

Where were you when it happened?

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That's what I wanted to tell you.


She tried not to look disappointed.

I've only had my driver's license for three months.

Her father is an excellent pianist.

This is Mahesh's computer.

Why didn't you just do what you said you'd do?


I've met him.

Tell me when you're done.

Describe her.


Please say hello to your wife for me.


Tell me again why you want me to do that.


Huh? A mouse sits on my mouse.

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You're smirking again.


The German athletes won four gold medals at the luge world championship in Canada.

I know the score.

Eddie's pissed off because he's not the one and only.

Doyle's face feels rough because he needs to shave.

He has a firm purpose in life.

They made the novel into a drama.

I'm leaving in a week.

Stop thinking for your sake only. Think for other people's, too, and act accordingly.

It looks like we have a winner.

After being abandoned for years, the old house went to rack and ruin.

He massaged her back.

She did what she promised to do for us.

She's a kept woman.

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"How much did you pay for this?" "Like 20 euros." "That's crazy cheap! Are you serious?"

I have a feeling Grant won't do what he's promised to do.

Do you know this woman's name?

Finding a solution that worked was a process of trial and error.

Take care of this.

That's very easy.

I think you've overestimated your position, Albert.

It seemed logical to me.

I'll see him again.


He threw in the towel.

I don't lose my appetite when I get stressed, rather I can't calm down unless I eat something.

I want you to be nice to Vijay this time.

You weren't supposed to tell Joanne that.

I told Joon to wait for me.

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It came out in yesterday's Sankei.

He treats me as if I am a stranger.

They're dangerous, and they have no natural predators.

They didn't act quickly.

Ruth threw Price the ball.

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Where did you do it?


We will let him try.

Judge can use our help.

You never know what might happen.

He frequently neglects his work.

You are not good for my health!


Dennis could do that.

My house is only a mile from here.

I'll tell you on the way.

I want something sweet.

She has such a kind heart.

Don't make this decision today.

He came to the United States as a boy from Scotland.

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Stay alert.

I should go with you.

Can I get you to do it?

It is cold.

We all long for our graduation.

She is being blackmailed by him.

He stumbled on the stump.